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Her Yerde Sen English Subtitles

Selin and Demir, who go to the police station to complain about the thief, end up in custody, which causes bigger problems. Firuze and Leyla come up with a new plan to bring Selin and Demir, who cannot share the same house, closer. When the company is in danger of losing its biggest customer, Demir takes action to solve the situation alone. However, things get complicated when Selin and the team put their own solution plan into action.

While Selin and Demir struggle to become the sole owners of the house, Firuze and Leyla invite them to dinner to look for a common solution. In the company, the first phase of Operation Çita is launched to remove Demir. While Bora tries to make peace with Merve, Burak and Ferruh deal with the dangers caused by old scores. The unfortunate events that happen to Selin will also affect Demir.

Whether you call it fate or life, the best things that happen to you are often hidden behind inextricable problems. Demir (Furkan Andıç), who claims the same house and is as stubborn as a goat, and Selin (Aybüke Pusat) are forced to live together. As if this were not enough, events will become inextricable when one of them joins the company where the other one works as a manager.