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Hekimoglu English Subtitles

Ates Hekimoglu is a successful doctor. He works as an Infectious Diseases and Nephrology Specialist at the foundation hospital where his friend İpek from the Faculty of Medicine is the manager. The most well-known feature of Ateş Hekimoğlu, who is far from the definition of a known doctor, both in terms of his lifestyle and the way he handles diseases, is that he conducts research by focusing on diseases without establishing a direct relationship with patients. Each new complex case is provocative and exciting for him, like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Hekimoglu English Subtitles

While Hekimoğlu increases his reputation day by day with his diagnoses and treatments, his inability to keep up with the hospital order often puts the hospital manager İpek in a difficult situation. İpek is one of the two people who understand Hekimoğlu’s difficult character and can tolerate it. The other one is Oncology Specialist Orhan, Hekimoğlu’s friend from high school and university. Even though they have completely opposite characters to Hekimoğlu, Orhan is always Ateş’s inner voice and conscience. When the two come together, they make the perfect doctor. One approaches patients with his intelligence and the other with his common sense. Hekimoglu English Subtitles

Ateş takes into consideration the results of the tests rather than what the patients say. With this approach; Hekimoğlu, who examines diseases like a detective, carries out these studies with a team of 3 specialist doctors. Mehmet Ali, who grew up in Dolapdere, Zeynep, who devoted herself to science and patients instead of using her beauty to get somewhere, and Emre, who grew up in prosperity and wealth without suffering financial difficulties throughout his life… These 3 specialist doctors, carefully chosen by Ateş Hekimoğlu, tried to make Hekimoğlu like them and make him like them. They make an effort to please. Hekimoglu English Subtitles