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Hayatimin Aski English Subtitles

As Gokce approaches her 30th birthday, she finds herself in a somewhat unconventional situation – she hasn’t yet found the right man to share her life with, unlike many of her friends who have already tied the knot. She spends her days working at the advertisement firm known as “275.”

However, something unexpected happens in her life. Gokce decides to embark on a quest to win the heart of her boss, Demir. Demir is the epitome of the perfect man – incredibly handsome and financially successful, he’s the kind of man who turns heads wherever he goes.

Now, Gokce faces the daunting challenge of making Demir fall head over heels in love with her. It’s a journey filled with humor, ups and downs, and, of course, plenty of surprises. As Gokce navigates the complexities of her workplace and her budding romance, she’ll discover that love can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places.