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Gelin English Subtitles

Season 1

“Gelin” is the life story of two people from entirely different worlds: Hançer, who gives up her dreams for her loved ones on the one hand, and Cihan, who has fire in his eyes on the other. Hançer, who gets her name from her sharp gaze, faces an offer that will turn her life upside down. Taking advantage of the fact that Hançer is poor and has a family that will not cause trouble, Mukadder Develioğlu offers her to marry her son and give birth to a son. Hançer, who dreams of finding the love of her life and having a happy marriage, first rejects this offer, but when she learns that her brother has a fatal illness, she is forced to accept the offer. Nothing will ever be the same for Cihan and Hançer, who have entered an irreversible path. Will these two young people, drawn into a big game and lost in a dark labyrinth, fall under the spell of love instead of the planned games?