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Dr. Can Manay is a renowned psychologist, well-known for his mastery in the field. A committed bachelor, he often indulges in casual affairs but rarely experiences true love. That all changes when he crosses paths with Duru, an encounter that ignites an unexplainable infatuation within him. His fascination grows to such an extent that he acquires the house next door to hers, all in a bid to get closer to her.

Duru, prior to her new neighbor’s arrival, lives contentedly with her musician boyfriend, Deniz. However, Can’s intricate mind-games cast shadows over their relationship, sowing seeds of doubt in her mind, even though she remains unaware of the full extent of Can’s manipulations.

Amidst this tumultuous romance, a cast of characters plays their part. Bilge, one of Can’s students, finds herself drawn into this web of obsession. Özge, an investigative journalist determined to expose the enigmatic psychologist, pursues the truth relentlessly. And, of course, there’s Deniz, whose life takes an unexpected turn due to Dr. Manay’s relentless quest for love. As these lives intersect, they all become entangled in the chaos wrought by Can’s relentless pursuit of his desires.