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Ferhat ile Sirin English Subtitles

Banu, the last representative of the Karali family, one of the most powerful families of the Grand Bazaar, is a strong woman who prioritizes the job she inherited from her father, her surname and her home above all else. She meets carpenter Ferhat, who knocks on her door for the renovation of the historical mansion inherited from her family, which she cherishes.

An unfortunate event that happens to them brings them together again. Two sisters, Banu and Şirin, who are all alone in their rich and magnificent lives; They are unaware that Ferhat, a modest carpenter, will change their lives.

A new life now awaits Ferhat, who lost his family in a tragic event years ago, Banu, who devoted her life to her sister Şirin, and Şirin, who struggled in the golden cage she was imprisoned in. That moment when two different worlds collide and Ferhat’s paths cross with Şirin and Banu Karalı will ignite the fuse of a legendary love. This love, full of insurmountable mountains and obstacles, will turn into a difficult test where everyone’s heart will be tested.