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Fatmagül is a young village girl. One day, four men, three of whom are rich children, accuse him of his sin. The girl has no one except a sick brother. But to protect him, the state catches the perpetrators and puts them in prison. Families of rich children find the only solution by deceiving the poor child. They promise that if they stay married for a year, they will divorce them immediately. Fatmagül was not pregnant at that time, not because she was pregnant, but because she was dirty. According to Turkish law, if one of the polluters marries her, the case will be dropped. Fatmagul English Subtitles

The story of two young people who have to drag their lives away from their hands on the path drawn by others…
Fatmagül lives in a coastal town with her naive older brother Rahmi and her aunt Mukaddes, who is forced to marry him. Her childhood love, Mustafa… While Mustafa was playing with his friends, Fatmagül collected his stray marbles, arranged his skittles, and sewed his trousers with her little hands before going home so that her mother would not see her tearing his trousers. Fatmagul English Subtitles

Mustafa cannot bear to touch her, so he builds the house where they will live together and raise their children with his own hands. Fatmagül, who has never had anything of her own, is patiently preparing for a life of her own while helping Mustafa. Kerim is also from a nearby town. He was left alone after the suicide of his mother, who could not accept the situation. Fatmagul English Subtitles