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Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey English Subtitles

Azra Günay, a successful divorce lawyer, has been handling the cases of well-known and influential people of Istanbul for many years, together with her mother Çolpan Cevher, the doyen of her business, and her headstrong sister Sanem Cevher. Now it is time for Azra to take the next step. Her mother Çolpan will retire and hand over the management of the office to her daughter Azra, but things do not progress as Azra expected.

A violent argument between Azra and her mother causes a great shock in the Cevher family. While the Cevher family confronts their fragmented past, Azra begins to question her marriage and life. When she is forced to face the fears that she has ignored throughout her life, she makes a decision that will change the entire balance in the family. A surprise visitor from the past will make it difficult for him to stand by his decision.