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Elimi Birakma English Subtitles

Season 1

Season 2

Azra, who studied cooking in America, returns home for her father’s birthday. With his arrival, he sets sail to unknown lands with his brother Mert, against his world that collapsed overnight.

Cenk, the heir of the Çelen group, arrives with the news that he was expelled from the school he studied in America. Cenk surprises his family and especially Feride Hanım. Cenk’s rebellious attitude makes the situation even more difficult. Cenk’s situation causes big surprises for the Çelen family.

Ms. Feride helps the poor and the poor, does everything for her family and tries to fill the gap created by her son in this way. He always dedicates his life to others and puts his grandchildren above everything else. But despite this, he sees that his efforts are in vain and that he cannot recognize his family. Ms. Feride will now take her last exam with her family.

Azra and Cenk’s lives intersect with a small coincidence, but this coincidence will be the first spark that will connect their lives.