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Dokuz Oguz English Subtitles

“Dokuz Oguz” unfolds as a Turkish historical drama television series that graced the screens of TRT 1, captivating audiences. The series emerges from the fertile soil of history, drawing inspiration from the saga of the Nine Oghuz tribes—an ancestral tapestry interwoven with the roots of the Turkish people.

The narrative unfurls against the backdrop of the Göktürk Khanate—a tapestry that chronicles the early footsteps of the Turkish empires. Rooted in the annals of Central Asia, the Göktürks, a nomadic people, were renowned for their martial prowess and the unbreakable bond that united their hearts.

The chronicle commences with the ascent of the Göktürk Khanate, guided by the indomitable spirit of Bumin Khan. Under his sagacious leadership, the Nine Oghuz tribes converged, forging an unbreakable alliance that defied adversaries. Through unyielding valor, they tasted victory on the battleground and etched their legacy onto the fabric of history. The mantle of the Göktürk Khaganate, erected by Bumin Khan, transformed into an empire of unparalleled might, casting its influence over Central Asia’s tapestry.

Yet, the tale extends beyond triumph, embarking on a journey through the course of decline and the whispers of fall. The Uyghurs, another Turkish tribe, eventually dethroned the Göktürks. However, the legacy they carved into history remained steadfast—a beacon of Turkish heritage. Their progeny would go on to sow the seeds of empires yet to come—the Seljuks and the Ottomans.

“Dokuz Oguz” stands as an opus that reverberates with historical resonance—a tapestry woven with threads of valor, unity, and legacy. The series entices audiences with its enchanting visuals, anchored by sterling performances that bring the past to life. Beyond mere entertainment, the series stands as a window into the annals of Turkish history, imparting a glimpse of the tapestry that birthed a vibrant culture.