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Destan English Subtitles

In the 8th century, a wild age reigned in Central Asia, in lands that Islam had not yet embraced. China has pointed its sharp teeth at the Turkish leg, Russian Varangians, Mongols, Sogdians and Persians are waiting in the trap. As if that were not enough, the Turkish tribes who share the same blood have fallen into conflict with each other. There is great hostility between the Gök Khanate and the Mountain Khanate, both of whom are Turkish.

Under these political conditions, Alpagu Khan, the great kagan of the Gök Khanate, decides to take the daughter of his brother Balamir Yabgu, whom he suspects of rebellion, as a bride for his crippled and lame son Batuga. He gathers his family and sets out for the Western Sky Khaganate to ask for a daughter. A great danger awaits them on the road: Mountain warrior Akkız, who has been burning with the fire of revenge since childhood!