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Canevim English Subtitles

The Haksever family is a close-knit family that faces all the difficulties of life together. Günnur and Hamza, their daughters; Ceylan works hard for the well-being of Müjgan and Ayşe, and they know how to be grateful for each other’s existence even in the darkest moments. Canevim English Subtitles

What changes the fate of this warm family is their eldest daughter Elvan’s return home. Ceylan, the devoted daughter of the house, loves her fiancé Ömer with great love. Ceylan starts working at the house of the Tanbaylar, a powerful and wealthy family. On his first day at work, Ceylan has a not-so-pleasant encounter with Taylan Tanbay, an obsessive and extraordinary man. When Taylan upsets the young girl, Ceylan humiliates this man, whom no one can reach, in front of everyone and quits his job. Now Taylan has an important account to settle! Canevim English Subtitles