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Bir Ask Hikayesi English Subtitles

A young man stuck between rebellion against fate and lamentations for love… A touching story of being late, what-ifs, and losing love after finding it… Germany… On the streets of Stuttgart, a Turkish young man (Korkut Ali) speaks to his mother, who abandoned him years ago, through documentary cameras. “Wait for me, mother, I will find you.” On the other hand, she dreams of marriage with her lover. Bir Ask Hikayesi English Subtitles

However, he is unaware that his destiny is to be abandoned once again. Just as he was unaware that the famous pop singer Tolga and his assistant Ceylan, who came to the city for the video shooting, would be the most important people in his life in the future. When Ceylan, who loves Tolga with an unrequited love, sees Korkut Ali, who saved his life on the streets of Germany, in Istanbul, everything will get complicated once again, and she will share the biggest secret of Korkut Ali’s mother, whom he has been longing for for years. Bir Ask Hikayesi English Subtitles