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Azize English Subtitles

Melek, who later adopts the name Azize, suffered a tragic loss at a tender age when her father, a mafia figure, was killed by the ruthless Alpanlar family. Left alone and with her family shattered, she grows up nursing a burning desire for vengeance.

Azize orchestrates a plan that lands her in prison under an assumed identity. Coincidentally, Balkan, the eldest son of the Alpan family, is scheduled to be released from prison on the same day. An assassination attempt targets Balkan, but it’s his brother Kartal who ends up being shot. Azize, using her nursing skills, saves Kartal’s life, and in return, she’s offered shelter in the Alpan household to take care of him.

As Azize meticulously plots her revenge, an unexpected twist occurs—she finds herself falling in love with Kartal, the very son of the family she’s sworn to destroy. Now, Azize, torn between her thirst for vengeance and her blossoming love, is trapped in a complex web of emotions and choices.