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Ask Mantik Intikam English Subtitles

While her life changes thanks to the social media application found by Ozan, Leyla remains stagnant. Before Esra can get over the shock of this, she comes face to face with Ozan. But Ozan, who used to love Esra enough to give his life, is no longer there. The man standing before him is cold, arrogant, and full of anger towards Esra.

This encounter activates emotions that they both thought were over. The strange thing is that they both remember completely different things when they think about their marriage. For Esra, marriage means a safe haven. Esra, who had a childhood full of bankruptcies and foreclosures due to her father’s adventurous business life, witnessed how hard her mother, who was very in love with her father, tried to keep this family afloat.

Esra, who thinks that if this is love, I don’t exist, has decided to marry someone who loves her very much and whom she trusts. Ozan fell in love with Leyla at first sight. As soon as Esra sees Ozan, she realizes that he is the person she is looking for and they get married in a short time. However, when Ozan resigns from his regular job to do his dream job, the port that Esra thought was safe suddenly collapses.