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Ariza English Subtitles

Ali Rıza Altay is a taxi driver who lives with his family in a district of Istanbul that has not lost its neighborhood culture. He lives with his sister Nihan and mother Rukiye in the two-storey wooden house inherited from his late father. With the early death of his father Mehmet Emin Bey, Ali Rıza said goodbye to his dream of university and took on the responsibility of supporting the family. She has “some” of the little fights she gets into when she has to, but she never wanted to be one of the gun-toting bullies. What he cares about is Thamets’ motto: “There are two things to fight for: our home, our honour.”

Ali Rıza, who takes care of his family with this slogan, is now preparing to marry his beloved sister Nihan to his best friend Ferit. However, these days, the events that started when Ariza opposed those who wanted to force a defenseless customer (Halide) out of her taxi, shattered Ariza’s small and ordinary world. Thus, Ariza begins his forced journey from being an ordinary taxi driver to the throne of Istanbul’s biggest criminal kingdom. From now on, he will be referred to as “FAILED”, not Ali Rıza.