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Akinci English Subtitles

Akinci, who is waging a relentless fight against the criminal world, wants to intervene in this situation when he hears about the arms delivery to terrorist organizations in Istanbul. Orhan helps him in this ‘knife-edge’ operation with the intelligence he has collected. Journalist Nergis Emiroğlu, who has been known for her news about Akinci for three years and has been trying to reach his real identity, is also after both the news and Akinci.

While Akinci is trying to stop the arms delivery, he is also trying to find out who the connections in Turkey are of the organization that is behind many illegal activities in the country. Anti-Terrorism Branch Manager Kemal Günay, who wants to catch Akinci and bring him to justice, now has another problem in his head: Commissioner Cüneyt, who is a hard-to-handle and loves to work independently, has been personally summoned to Istanbul to take part in the Akinci file. Akinci English Subtitles