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Ah Nerede English Subtitles

The three sons of Hakim and Seniha Şerbetlioğlu, one of Bursa’s leading families, sent to Istanbul to study at university, live a life they never imagined. Their middle son, Murat, is a coupon addict who turns everything in life into betting, even though he should be studying law. Their younger son Ömer, who they thought was studying engineering, became a musician working in bars. Their eldest son, Ferit, dropped out of medical school without his family’s knowledge and became an incorrigible womanizer with his father’s money. Ah Nerede English Subtitles

Ferit, who dreams of marriage with flirtatious, handsome and young girls whose whole life is women, enjoys the attention of girls like a spoiled child and is never satisfied with just one. He loved three different girls from different backgrounds and managed them all expertly. Until he meets Zehra. When Burçak, Nihal, and Sera realize that they have been deceived, they come together and devise a revenge plan. They will break Ferit’s heart just like he did. Ah Nerede English Subtitles